Force Control Posidyne, Posistop, and Positorq Oil Shear clutches and brakes are found on severe duty applications around the world. Some of the thousands of industries that benefit from Force Control Industries Oil Shear products include light manufacturing, food processing, packaging, steel, lumber, mining, coating, automotive, building materials, fabricators, agriculture, marine, power plants, and many more.

Oil Shear clutches and brakes from Force Control Industries have proven over and over again to reduce maintenance cost, potential for downtime, and increase productivity. Listed below are some of the successful applications completed over the years.

Let us show you a few of the Applications that Force Control Industries has successfully completed over the years with Oil Shear products.


General Industry

Cut-Off Shuttle

Plastic Cutting Shear

Flying Shear Cut-Off

Multiple Workstation Indexing Conveyors

Fiberglass Insulation Chopper

3 Roll Calendar Brake

Multiple Workstation Indexing Conveyor


Chemical Treating Conveyor

Production Lathe Retrofit

Cross Wire Feed

Cut-Off Machine

Flying Shear Cut-Off

Insulation Folder

Fence Weaving Machine

Fan Press Lathe

Heat Treating Door Drive

Steel Drum Assembly

Red Wing Gear Shaver

High Cycle Stacking Crane

Indexing Rotary Table

Printing Press Drive

Paper Tension Control Unwind Brake

Hot Spinning Lathe

Indexing Conveyor

Stone Cutting Machine

Drawworks Auxiliary Brake



De-Barker Infeed

Chip-N-Saw Infeed Conveyor

Planer Breakdown Tilt Hoist

Lumber Stacker Hoist

Lumber Breakdown Discharge Conveyor

Lumber Unscrambler Conveyor

Log Step Feeder



Veneer Clipper Drive

Veneer Tipple Hoist

Veneer Peeling Knife Adjustment

Inclined Jack Ladder Hoist

Veneer Plugger Drive

Plywood Panel Turnover

Plywood Press Loader/Unloader

Veneer Composer Drive

Plywood Veneer Trim Saw Conveyor


Oriented Strand Board

Veneer Plugger Drive

Press Loader Tipple Crank

Reject Ejector Conveyors

Press Loader Lug Chain Drive

Forming Line Conveyor

Triangle Conveyor Drive

Press Unloading Boom Clamp Drive

Press Unloading Boom Drive

Press Loader Elevator Drive

Loader and Lug Chain Drive

Trim Saw Conveyor

Return Conveyor RC-1 & RC-2

Return Conveyor RC-1, 2, & 3

Return Conveyor RC-6, 7 & 8


Steel and Other Metals

Re-Heat Furnace Pinch Roll Drive

Mill Motor Shoe Brake Retrofit

Hot Strip Mill Finishing Stands

Hot Strip Mill Roughing Stands

Mill Motor Inching Drive

Screw Down Disconnect Clutch

Coil Wrap Adjuster Drive

Disk Feeder Batching Drive

Sand Mold Roll Over Drive

Induction Heating Transfer



Overland Tripper Car

Rotary Coal Sweep Sampler

Conveyor Constant Tension Winch

Internal Tripper Car



Ice Cream Filling Station

Case Packer

Bag Filling Machine

Auger Filling Machine

Metering or Spacing Conveyor

Rotary Cut-off or Perforator

Chicken Packaging

Bulk Screw Feeder

Palletizer Hoist Drive

Palletizer Slide Plate

Plastic Bag Cut-Off Feed Drive

Barrel Turnover


Gypsum Board (Drywall)

Gypsum Board Plant Layout

Wet End Board Turnover

Rotary Cut Off Knife

Spacing Conveyor

Wet End Transfer Belt Drive

Oven Unloading Tipple Hoist

Gypsum Board Plant Layout

Oven Loading Tipple Hoist

Oven Pinch Roll Drive

Oven Pinch Roll Drive

Bundle In Feed Drive

2 Speed Live Roller Drive

Dry End Transfer Conveyor

Gypsum Board Booker



Looper Accumulator

Paper Wrapper Cut-Off

Reversing Drive

Shingle Auto Catcher Stacker

Looper Accumulator

Shingle Diverter Drive

Roll Winder Drive Package

Shingle Blender Drive Assembly



Automotive Lift Drive

Long Stroke Shuttle Drive

Spin Welder Drive

Tunnel Broach

Lathe Positioning Drive

Tire Curing Press Brake

Tire Uniformity Optimizer Drive


Concrete Block

Mold Vibration System

Loading Unloading System