MagnaShear Hazardous Duty Brakes

New MagnaShear hazardous duty brakes from Force Control Industries, which employ oil shear technology to provide longer service life with virtually no maintenance or adjustment, now meet Class I and Class II Div 2 specifications (Div 1 in process with approval forthcoming).

Clutch Brakes Providing Precise Positioning

Force Control Industries (Fairfield, OH) announced its fan cooled Posidyne clutch brakes which allow rapid and precise stopping, starting, speed change and positioning even in harsh environments.

  • SAF Crane Brake

Oil Shear Brakes Cure Headaches

Running three shifts around the clock throughout the week doesn’t allow production downtime on the anodizing line at the Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. (SAF) site in Atlanta.

Staying Dry by ‘Going Wet’

Normal dry clutches employ a sacrificial surface — a disc or pad — to engage the load. With no good way to remove the heat caused from engagement between the disk and plate, this material must absorb the heat.