X-treme Performance – Value-Engineered for 1/2 to 25 HP drives

X-Class Motor Brakes

  • Spring set – Air/Hydraulic Release
  • Torque 4 to 300 Lb. Ft.

  • Up to 10 times longer service life

  • Designed for dynamic stopping

  • Packaged, fully assembled and tested

  • Simplified double C-face motor mounting

  • Horizontal or vertical mounting

  • Totally enclosed, sealed housing

Posistop X Class MB

X-Class Coupler Brakes

  • No Maintenance* – No Adjustment – Ever!

  • Clamped-Split-Quill reduces keyway problems

  • Hard-coat epoxy finish highly resistant to rust and chipping.

  • Multiple friction discs – high thermal dissipation and low inertia

  • Clamped Split Quill – 360º shaft connection

  • Washdown and marine duty available



Posidyne X2 Clutch Brake WashdownOur washdown option features stainless steel mounting hardware, nickel-plated shafts and non-corrosive breathers & sight gauges. The housing can also be coated with white epoxy or the Steel-It epoxy.

Manifold Mounted Valve

manifold mounted valve largeAdd the convenience and performance of a Manifold Mounted Valve. Mounting the valve directly on the unit eliminates extra plumbing, improves response time, increases cycle rate, and improves positioning accuracy.

The Posistop® X-Class oil shear motor and coupler brakes are designed and tested to operate over 20 million trouble-free cycles with only occasional oil changes and no adjustment – ever! This is a true dynamic stopping brake, not just a holding brake.

This unheard of life expectancy allows the Posistop® X-Class motor and coupler brakes to be used on applications previously thought impossible to do using a brake. Dust, dirt,or moisture is no problem with our IP56 rated housings! Smooth running, quiet engagement and many  options such as vertical orientation, horizontal orientation, foot mounting, extended input shaft, manifold mounted valve and many more.

The Posistop X-Class Brake is a direct replacement for many dry friction brakes such as Stearns®, Dings®, Nexen® and Warner® used in packaging, food processing, and production machine applications.

Value Engineered for OEM’s
No Adjustment—No Maintenance
Totally Sealed—Washdown Duty

Posistop X Class MB

Typical Industry Applications:

Clamped-Split-Quill Shaft Connection System

An innovative Clamped-Split-Quill stops play that could deform the key and keyway in high-torque, high cycle applications. The new clamp design splits the input quill four ways at 90° intervals. A clamp collar fits over the quill to give 360° clamping effect when tightened down. The keyway is centered in one of the splits in the quill to securely lock the key on both sides.

Available Mounting Orientations


Pos X Class Vert Input Down

Vertical Input Up

PosX Class Vert Input Up

Vertical Input Down

A Few Industries We Support