Over 100 Years of Combined Oil Shear Engineering Experience

Designing new products, modifying standard product

The Engineering Department — the heart of Force Control Industries — have been designing and redesigning Oil Shear clutch and brake products since 1969. Many items have become standard products while others are one of a kind. To support our customers’ needs, many products are modified to fit the particular application perfectly.

Many custom applications require modified or new product as Force Control is continually entering new markets that require different product. Today we are designing and building many Dynamometer load brakes. Each one has its own unique characteristics requiring different mounting arrangements as well as torque and horsepower level requirements.

A Few Custom Drives

3D Printing Technology

Given the rapid advances in recent years with 3D printing, our engineers have been researching 3D printing technology as well as developing 3D printed parts for both internal use and production. We have printed scaled models of our MagnaShear electric brakes and our Posidyne clutch brakes used as sales tools when visiting customers. Aside from marketing materials, we have printed parts used for the research and development of our upcoming Thruster Brake product launch. More details coming soon!

Size 8 (MSB8) Electric Brake

#10 Posidyne Clutch Brake

Thruster Part Concept