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The holiday season has arrived and that means it’s time for the Twisted Throttle Holiday Gift Guide. Our staff has put together a list of great motorcycle gifts for any budget and riding style. Most of the items on the list are universal and the rest were chosen due to their massive range of vehicle applications available. If our Gift Guide doesn’t have something for you, shop the rest of the Twisted Throttle store!

DENALI SoundBomb Mini Motorcycle Horn

We support anything that riders can do to improve their conspicuity on the road, including the addition of a louder horn. The DENALI SoundBomb Mini is loud, ruggedly built, and is a direct replacement for your existing disc-style horn. Better yet, it fits in a standard Christmas stocking!

DENALI SoundBomb Mini product details:

  • 113 Decibels at 3 feet
  • Power draw: 5 Amps
  • Stylish all-black design
  • Fits in most factory horn locations

NoNoise Hearing Protection

Despite the best helmet technology on the market, road noise of any kind can be extremely damaging to your ears. Remember, once you lose function in your ears, it is very difficult if not impossible to get back. Protect your hearing with a simple set of earplugs from NoNoise.


Clear Shot All-In-One Lens Cleaning Kit

One of the most widely used products around the TT shop is the Clear Shot Cleaning Kit. The kit is simple and contains everything that you need to keep your visor and windscreen clean. The icing on the cake is the convenient carry case!

DRYSPEC Motorcycle Tool Tube Kit

There is never enough room on your bike for tools. With the DRYSPEC Tool Tube, your tools don’t take up precious cargo space and they have protection from the elements thanks to the water-resistant seal!

Motorcycle Gifts Under $200

Desert Fox Overland Fuel Cell | 6L
Desert Fox Overland Fuel Cell | 6L

Desert Fox Gas Bag – 6 liters

When planning for long stretches without reliable fuel sources, you need a fuel storage system that you can trust. Carry an extra six liters of fuel between stops and rest easy knowing that the Desert Fox Gas Bag is designed to withstand the toughest environments.


Kaoko Throttle Stabilizers

If your brand-new bike comes with cruise control, this isn’t for you. If you are like the rest of us, clinging to our older tech bikes, Kaoko is here to help! Install a Kaoko throttle stabilizer to give your throttle hand a break on those long stretches of road.


Barkbusters VPS Handguards

Barkbusters VPS Handguard Kit

Keeping your hands and levers protected is extremely important, especially when you tackle off-pavement tracks. Barkbusters are the best in the handguard business!


MRA X-Creen Sport Windshield Spoiler

MRA X-creen Sport Windscreen Spoiler

In our experience, there aren’t a lot of OEM motorcycle windscreens that provide adequate wind protection for long days in the saddle. The beauty of the MRA X-creen is the ability to bolt or clamp the X-creen to nearly any stock windscreen.

Motorcycle Gifts Under $400

DENALI DialDim Lighting Controller

The DENALI DialDim is one of the coolest pieces of kit on our Holiday Gear Guide and is 100% universal! Natively, the DialDim connects to your battery and controls up to two light circuits with the multi-color halo dial. Connect the intelligent wire leads and unlock smart features like “flash with horn”, “cancel with signal”, and “flash with signal”.


DRYSPEC D68 Drybag Modular System

When you need completely waterproof luggage, DRYSPEC has you covered with a complete dry bag system. The D68 modular system contains a pair of D20 saddlebags plus the D28 duffel bag. You can run the D20s alone or pair them up when you need the added luggage space!

HEX GS-911 Wifi Diagnostic Tool

Everyone loves the technology available on newer fuel-injected BMW motorcycles, but when things go wrong, the HEX GS-911 is there to help you diagnose your problems and get back on the road.

R&G Aero Style Fram Sliders for Aprilia RSV4 '09-
R&G Aero Style Fram Sliders for Aprilia RSV4 ’09-

R&G Racing Frame Sliders

If you like to push your street or track bike to the limit, you need to protect your investment in the event that your motorcycle goes down. R&G outfits race teams that compete at the highest levels, which means that R&G sliders are more than capable of protecting your bike!

Motorcycle Gifts Over $400

DENALI D7 Driving Lights

When you need enormous amounts of light in front of your motorcycle, the DENALI D7 is the only choice. A pair of D7s crank out over 15,000 lumens in a beam that is over 1500 feet long and 200 feet wide! A word of caution, don’t look into the light! We could ramble on all day about how great the D7 is, but you will likely enjoy watching a video about it instead: DENALI Light Comparison.

GIVI V37NNTA PLX Monokey Side Cases | Pair 74L Total

There is a reason that motorcycle manufacturers outfit their bikes with GIVI side cases because they work! The GIVI V37 series builds on the legacy of GIVI luggage by providing storage for a modular helmet or additional camping gear. Increase the storage capacity of your bike with lockable and sleek storage from GIVI!

ALTRIDER Skid Plate | R 1250 GS /GSA

The AltRider skid plate is the only design on the market that doesn’t rely on the engine as a mounting point. The inherent weakness of all other current designs is that they use the motor itself as an anchor point. By mounting to the outside edges of the skid plate AltRider created the maximum triangulation yielding a very stable skid plate to resist twisting into the bike when hitting rocks on the outside edges. Best of all, AltRider designed the skid plate so it doesn’t require removal to change the oil on the bike!

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